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    Navy 6.0 EVO (2024) Electric Outboard Motor 9.9HP is the most powerful within ePropulsion and ideal for bass boats, RIBs and workboats up to 6 tons.

    The Navy 6.0 EVO is the solution when you need to boost your boats performance while increasing your on board experience with a quiet smooth ride. The 6 kW motor can remain at the max output for hours. It will impress you with it’s great performance!

    The Navy 6.0 outboard is powered from a 48 VDC battery bank. The amount of battery capacity (W-Hrs) depends on many factors including operating speed, size and type of boat and the duration of your running time. 6000 W-Hrs is a common size battery bank for a typical use. Of course this varies based on each individuals needs and application. We encourage you to contact us to help size the appropriate battery bank to meet your needs. If the initial battery (s) selected fall short to meet your needs, additional batteries can be then paralleled to increase capacity accordingly.

    The Navy 6.0 EVO  also includes two propellers, a low and high pitch version of each which allows for performance optimization during your initial sea trial.

    Navy 6.0 Evo allows you to collect electricity from wind and water with hydrogeneration function. ePropulsion pioneers in the innovation of electric outboard motors.

    Sailors will love the hydrogenation new feature. Only ePropulsion supplies electric outboard motors that have hydrogeneration functionality in the market.

    A variety of charging options are also available including solar. Please ask us as we have many options available.

    Selection of the shaft length proper size of is critical for best operation, check out our guide or see manufacturers recommendations are as follows:

    NAVY 6.0EVO-S  for transom height of 11.8"-15.8" (300mm~400mm).

    NAVY 6.0EVO-L  for transom height of 15.8"-19.7" (400mm~500mm).

    Navy 6.0 Models:

    NAVY 6.0 Evo-S: Short Shaft 25.3" (64cm) - P/N NE-6000-S1

    NAVY 6.0 Evo-L: Long Shaft 30.1" (76.5 cm) - P/N NE-6000-L1

    Navy 6.0 Videos:

    Navy 6.0 information:
    PDF Navy 6.0 Manual
    PDF Navy 6.0 Technical Drawing
    PDF Navy Evo Specsheet