Electric Boat Drives Solar Charging Systems Kits 48V – 108VDC

The hottest emerging market within the Marine industry today are electric drive systems (electric boat) which are in demand because of their quiet operation, low nose, better throttle control, high efficiency and ever so eco-friendly. The need for renewable energy recharging solution has become apparent, and e Marine is providing full, turnkey kits that will allow a solar recharging system to be easily installed on your vessel.

The kits that we offer are fully engineered and come complete with all the necessary parts to install the system on your boat. The problem that faces most electric drive boat owners is finding a system that will operate at the high-voltage required by the electric drive. Typically these voltages will operate between 48 V to as high as 108 VDC.

e Marine Systems has per-engineered solar renewable energy solutions available. Wind-Solar PV hybrid kits are also available, please call us for more information.

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Price: $1,265.00-$2,189.00
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https://www.emarineinc.com/LG-...These electric drive charging kits are plug and play systems designed for charging 48VDC systems using a MPPT Solar charge controller to regulate and maximize the solar array energy. There are three kits available with varying solar arrays. Included is a Bluetooth enabled feature that allows direct connection to your smart phone for easy setup and monitoring of system performance. These kits require a hard flat area to mount the solar panels .68kW Charging Kit...