Founded in 1999, e Marine Systems is a distributor of SOLAR PANELS, WIND CHARGERS and CHARGE CONTROLLER products including complete installation kits, control panels, high output alternators, inverters, chargers, isolators, combiners and batteries. We assist boat owners/mechanics to determine boat system power demands and then help size/supply the necessary components to provide a complete, on board, alternative energy system. Additionally we sell marine refrigeration, water heaters, safes, and LED lights. We are the only area master GFO shaft-packing dealer.

e Marine Systems was started in 1999 and operates out of its corporate offices, show room and warehouse in Fort Lauderdale Florida. e Marine is a division of MGP Systems Inc.

e Marine Systems
2821 SW 23rd Terrace #3

Fort Lauderdale, FL, 33312 USA

(954) 581-2505