Hybrid Wind & Solar PV Installation Kits
A total solution for the cruiser seeking independent, self sustainable on board power system. These kits were put together from our most popular systems sold. eMarine has taken the guess work out by designing the system and then supplying the total kit. STOP the frustration of trying figure out what equipment to buy and then it not work together. No more missing parts when trying to complete the installation.

airmarine.jpg e20panel.jpg kyocera.jpg

These kits are for  12VDC systems (24 or 48V available please call) system and include the following hardware:

  • 2  Solar PV panels with Mounting Kits (each panel) for 1" tubing. (7/8" available only as Special Order)
  • Wind Turbine w/ 9ft Mast & Vibration Limited Mounting hardware
  • e20 Control /Monitor Station (panel Mount) w/ built in MPPT solar charge controller (expansion of solar to 300W)
  • Marine grade hook up wire (40' solar, 30' wind, 15' primary)
  • Wire connectors, crimps and cable ties
  • In-Line primary branch fuse and fuse holder
  • Complete and detailed instructions to assemble and wire the system for a sturdy and trouble-free installation.

Tools needed: Screw driver, hack saw, tape measure, drill and bits.

e Marine kits provide all the hardware shown except for the through hull parts (nuts and bolts) which are installation specific. The directions provided will guide you in making the proper measurements for which bars that need trimming.

e Marine provides a toll free phone number for technical support should you need it.

All KIT equipment is designed to work together. Stop the guessing!

Any of our kits can be customized to meet a variety of mounting situations. Please give us a call to discuss your specific needs!