Marine Solar Panels for Sailboats, Trawlers and Yachts

Solar Panels work on a simple principle, when sunlight is exposed to the panel surface, electrical power is produced. Most solar panels will produce power for 20+ years of service and are typically selected based on the wattage (power) produced for your specific needs.

Marine Solar PV Panels For Boats Solar Panels For SailBoats Solar Panels For Boats Solar Panels For Boats, SailBoats and Yachts

Solar Panel Diagram

Please select a category of Marine Solar Panels from Fixed Frame, Foldable Panels, Rollable Panel, Specialty Panel, Semi-Flexible Panels and Solar Panel Mounting Kit that best fits your application mechanical needs. If you are unable to find a suitable solar panel, please call us as many of the panels we offer are not listed on our website. In addition, our technical staff is available daily to answer any questions you might have.

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Need help selecting the right panel? Try the Easy Solar Panel Index Selector.

How To Test A Solar Panel

In the video above, our friendly staff walks you through the process of testing your solar panels to assure they are performing to manufacturer's specifications.