Lithium-Ion Marine Batteries (Li-ion Marine Battery), and Lithium-Ion Boat Battery

e Marine Systems supplies boaters around the world with reliable lithium-ion (li-ion) marine batteries.

A Lithium-Ion Boat Battery Keeps You On the Water for Longer

Known for long-lasting power delivered in a lightweight package, a lithium-ion boat battery from e Marine Systems keeps your vessel cutting through the waves without weighing it down. Lithium marine batteries have several advantages: A li-ion marine battery can store greater amounts of energy in less space than other kinds of batteries. With its high energy density, a lithium-ion marine battery is smaller and lighter than other marine battery types. This can make it a good choice for smaller boats or speedboats.

A lithium-ion boat battery can charge rapidly and has a longer lifespan than other types of batteries. It also loses relatively little energy when idle. Over the course of a month, an unused lithium-ion marine battery only discharges about 1.5% of its energy. Compare this to a nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) battery, which can lose about 20% of its energy for each month it sits idle.

e Marine Systems carries the most cutting-edge lithium marine batteries, such as high-power, low-maintenance RELiON lithium-ion phosphate batteries and Victron Energy lithium batteries with integrated cell balancing.

Sophisticated Lithium Ion Marine Batteries

Both of these sophisticated lithium-ion marine battery lines can be parallel-connected for increased capacity. Victron Energy lithium marine batteries even come with a Bluetooth app that monitors battery temperature and cell voltage!

The helpful staff at e Marine Systems is well-versed in all of the features and benefits of the li-ion marine batteries we carry. We can help you choose the lithium-ion marine batteries with the proper voltage and amp hours to dependably power your boat, equipment, and appliances.

Lithium Marine Batteries

Since we opened our doors in 1999, e Marine Systems has provided the highest-quality lithium marine batteries to boating enthusiasts. e Marine Systems also offers a complete line of chargers, motors, power inverters, alternators, and electric drives. We carry LEDs and other lighting, water heaters, refrigeration, and a large selection of meters, gauges, and other power accessories.

Powerful LiFePO4 Lithium Ion Batteries

Want to go off-the-grid while you’re on the water? e Marine Systems provides plenty of renewable power options. From solar panels to wind turbines, we’ll equip your boat with everything you need to lessen your environmental impact while enjoying an abundance of sustainable energy.

For the best in lithium marine batteries and high-quality power equipment for your boat, call e Marine Systems at 954-581-2505. You can also reach us via email at

Lithium Ion Marine Batteries: