Thinking about repowering your vessel from the traditional fossil fuel (gas or diesel) to a quiet, efficient electric drive system is a major decision and one that should be carefully made. The technology is here today to make that conversion possible considering cost, performance and dependability. There are many issues and concerns that should be considered prior to making such a major decision. E Marine technical sales staff is here to assist you in answering those many questions before making that decision to move forward in the electric repowering. It’s a big step and we realize that and we want to assist where we can.

Electric Drive Videos:

e Marine systems has been involved with electric drive systems since the 80s which when combined with representing the major suppliers of vessel electric drive systems gives us a distinct edge in being able to provide expert advise when repowering with electric. In addition we are able to supply all the additional components including: storage systems (batteries); controls, switches, fusing, chargers and renewable energy products (solar, wind and Hydro) providing a turnkey engineered solution for your project. The one-stop shopping provide a single source of purchase and a comfort level knowing the components purchased will work together as an entire system to meet your needs. In addition e Marine has partnered with some of the best boat yards in the country located in Fort Lauderdale to make the conversion as smooth and professional as possible. The results are proven performance and maximum retain value. We welcome the DIY’s extending our extensive share of knowledge so that you are not alone in making the project happen successfully.

Post installation e Marine offers technical support, repair and service of the entire electric drive system along with storage and recharging equipment on board your vessel allowing for a comfort level knowing that we have your back if and when a problem may occur.

If you cannot find a kit to meet your charging requirements, please contact us and we should be able to provide a solution. Only solar charging kits are listed here but we do offer hybrid kits that would include wind generators to complement the solar energy production.

Electric Boat Batteries, Motors, and Chargers

You can find many different kinds of electric boat batteries at eMarine Systems, including AGM and other deep cycle batteries, starter batteries, and lithium-ion batteries. We carry a full line of products from top brands like REliON, OutBack Power, Victron Energy, and Firefly.

eMarine Systems also has powerful electric chargers and motors. The compact Xantrex Freedom 12V inverter/charger delivers 2000 Watts of power to run your boat’s electronics or appliances. The Magnum 12V electric boat charger is available with your choice of no breaker or two AC breakers. eMarine Systems’ line of American-made Elco electric boat motors range from 735Ah to 2940Ah, ensuring that you have the horsepower to keep moving your boat forward through the waves.

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