Electric boating starts with Bellmarine, in the world of electric propulsion systems Bellmarine has become the standard with years of experience, innovation, quality and durability guaranteeing pure boating pleasure. Produced and developed in Italy and the Netherlands, there are thousands of electric marine propulsion systems in use today.

The DriveMaster product series offers a line of high efficiency permanent magnet AC motors for installation directly onto the drive shaft powered with a IP65 rated vector motor controller. These can be air cooled or liquid cooled and feature a built-in integrated thrust bearing. Available from 1.5 to 50 kW (48 - 244 V) with built-in isolation motor mounts. DriveMaster  offers an optional regenerative energy recapture feature which allows for the drive propeller energy while under sail to recharge main propulsion batteries. NEMA2000 interface also available.
The SailMaster product series are designed to work with a standard Sail Drive with available in 1.5 to 20 kW ratings. It uses a permanent magnet high efficiency motor that connects directly to the Sail Drive transmission. Available in air or liquid cooling and can be operated with optional regenerative energy recapture feature which allows for the drive propeller energy while under sail to recharge the main propulsion batteries.  The included vector motor controller is IP 65 rated.
A variety of options are available to help support the drive system installation including battery packs, remote displays and throttles. e Marine Systems can provide optional solar recharging systems as well to make your system complete.

If you’re interested in a electric drive system for your boat, please contact us so we can assist you in working through all the various details to put together a system that will meet your needs. The complexity of an electric drive system does not lend itself for easy DIY selection. We are more than happy to assist in providing guidance for optimizing the drive equipment needed and can prepare a detailed quote which would include not only the drive system, but batteries, shore chargers, controls and solar charging systems, etc. Call us directly at 954-581-2505 or you can fill in the information box below and we will have one of our sales engineers contact you.

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