Marine Inverter, Wave Inverter, and Inverter Parts

Designed to convert direct current into AC, a marine inverter from e Marine Systems can supply the power you need for appliances and electronics onboard your boat. With a reliable marine wave inverter from e Marine Systems, you can enjoy your TV and BluRay player, coffee maker, toaster oven, and other conveniences while sailing.

Marine Wave Inverters

e Marine Systems carries both pure and modified sine wave inverters. Modified wave inverters are a more budget-friendly choice, although they are sometimes subject to a bit of “buzz,” or electrical noise. Pure sign wave inverters run more quietly and tend to be more efficient for certain applications like running air conditioning. However, they come with a higher price point than their modified counterparts.

When you come to e Marine Systems for a marine inverter, you can choose from first-rate products like the Schneider Conext inverter/charger, Magnum Power’s RD series of modified sine wave inverters for renewable energy sources, Xantrex Freedom inverter/chargers, and Go Power’s line of industrial wave inverters.

Inverter Parts, Testing, and Repair

If your trusty marine inverter is starting to wear out and requires replacement parts, e Marine Systems can supply exactly what you need. Our well-stocked inventory of inverter parts for Magnum, Xantrex, Outback, and Go-Power.(Click to see our inventory of inverter parts for these product lines)

When you’re not sure what inverter parts you need—or you just don’t know where to begin on a wave inverter repair—the skilled technicians at e Marine Systems can help. For a flat fee, we’ll test your wave inverter or other marine inverter at our Fort Lauderdale, Florida headquarters.

If you opt to let us repair your marine inverter, we’ll credit your testing fee toward the cost of the repair. e Marine Systems even has same-day inverter testing and repair, in case you urgently need to have your inverter fixed.

You can rely upon the factory-trained techs at e Marine Systems to properly diagnose your marine inverter issues and effectively repair them. e Marine Systems is an authorized warranty repair facility for both Xantrex and Magnum Power marine inverters, and our certified technicians have experience repairing several other major brands.

Even if your marine inverter is considered beyond repair, you can trade it in for credit toward a new inverter. Just ask, and we’ll be happy to give you a quote for the trade-in value.

For all of your marine inverter needs—as well as batteries, motors, alternators, and other marine power equipment—simply call e Marine Systems at 954-866-4244, or send us a message at