Kyocera Solar PV Panels Are No Longer Available

Kyocera Solar PanelsPhotovoltaic power systems are well suited to provide electrical energy in areas where local utility power is either unreliable or unavailable. Telecommunications power, oil and gas applications, cathodic protection (CP) systems, solar powered traffic signaling, and utility grid backup power are typical industrial applications for solar panels.

Recreational vehicles (RV), boats, campers, sailboats, and people on the go can benefit from photovoltaic generated power. A large segment of the marine market depends upon solar panels to generate electricity when away from the dock.

Solar panels are one of the best alternatives for people who wish to live beyond the reach of conventional electric power.

Kyocera Marine Solar Panels Specifications:

Maximum Power (Watts) 340 270 150145
Rated Voltage (VDC) 41.2 31.0 18.217.9
Rated Current (Amps) 8.26 8.71
Output Current w/MPPT (Projected Daily Amp Hours)* 126.17
Length (in) 65.43 65.43 59.159.06
Width (in) 51.97 38.98 26.326.30
Depth (in) 1.81 1.81 1.81.81
Weight (lbs) 60.6 41.9 26.027.6

*Based on a nominal 12 Volt system using an MPPT charge controller in place of a regular charge controller.

Kyocera Solar PV Panels has perfected the 15 cm x 15 cm (approximately 6" x 6") multi-crystalline solar cell, with conversion efficiency over 14%. The KC Series Kyocera Solar Modules incorporates EVA pottant PVA backing laminated to tempered glass, assembled in an anodized and clear coated aluminum frame. A large solid terminal block allows for firm connections and easy paralleling of panels. All KC Series modules carry a Limited Warranty (1 year manufacturing/materials defect and 20 year Output Power (90%/80%)) and are UL and CUL (Canadian) listed. View The Kyocera Solar Panel Warranty Information.

Not All Marine Solar PV Panels Are Created Equal!

FYI - not all solar panels are created equal especially in Marine applications. Most solar PV panels of lower-cost are designed for use in residential applications. Beware these panels will not survive when installed on a vessel or near the water as they will delaminate, corrode or deteriorate and the manufacturer will not warranty their product accordingly. Our KYOCERA Solar PV Panels family of KCM solar panels have demonstrated successful and reliable operation over the years in a Marine environment and is backed up by the factory warranty. The Junction box is water resistant and we supply each unit with special watertight cable connectors leaving nothing to chance.

If you need more detailed information on this family of products, visit the factory KYOCERA Solar PV Instruction Manual