Lithionics Marine BatteriesLithionics Marine Batteries provide power for RVs, trolling motors, marine accessories and virtually any engine-starting needs. The Lithium Marine Battery corrosion-resistant high quality brass terminals provide reliable starting power in all weather conditions. Its rugged, military-grade construction features robust, yet shockingly offers superior vibration resistance.

Whether you are looking to soar down the shoreline or do a sleepy sail up the coastline on your own time, Lithionics Marine Batteries has a solution that fits whatever your needs may be.

How does storing energy in a lithium battery help you:

  • Faster Charging (1-2 hrs)
  • 75% Less weight
  • Reduced Generator Use
  • Longer off-season storage time-ideal for boats
  • 98% round-trip charge efficiency (compared to 36%  for lead-acid batteries)
  • Replaces up to SIX Lead-Acid Batteries with ONE Li3 Battery!
  • Retains 75% Power-Energy Levels Up to Two Years
  • Always Doubles the Amount of Energy MINIMUM
  • Save Hundreds of Pounds
  • Longer Overall Life (5x)