Foldable Solar Panels tend to be flexible, durable and are constructed of materials based based on CIGS technology that allow them to be folded up into a small size.

Generally these types of flexible panels are used to power small electronics and phones.

If you have any questions about these flexible solar panels or any of our other products, do not hesitate to call us. Our knowledgeable staff is here to assist you in finding the right panels and accessories to meet your specific needs.

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SunWanderer Folding Portable Solar Panels SunWanderer Folding Portable Solar Panels
Price: $204.83-$424.50
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Solarland Item #: SWD060-12P -

Solarland SunWanderer Folding Portable Solar Panels are design to charge 12V Lead-Acid, GEL and AGM style batteries.Each folding panel kit is preassembled, pre-wired and ready for use. It has a built-in charge controller with a 16’ hook up cable terminated with a quick disconnect connector. Included are built-in foldaway adjustable support legs with guide rails, corner protectors on the solar panels, fused battery cable clamps with connector and a storage cover. SunWanderer Models:...