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    Solarland SunWanderer Folding Portable Solar Panels are design to charge 12V Lead-Acid, GEL and AGM style batteries.

    Each folding panel kit is preassembled, pre-wired and ready for use. It has a built-in charge controller with a 16? hook up cable terminated with a quick disconnect connector. Included are built-in foldaway adjustable support legs with guide rails, corner protectors on the solar panels, fused battery cable clamps with connector and a storage cover.

    SunWanderer Models:

    SWD060-12P: 60W

    SWD100-12P: 100W

    SWD160-12P: 160W

    SWD200-12P: 200W

    SunWanderer Series information:
    PDF SunWanderer 60W Datasheet
    PDF SunWanderer 100W Datasheet
    PDF SunWanderer 160W Datasheet
    PDF SunWanderer 200W Datasheet