• KSM Kompact Engine Start Module  - BCK12085
  • KSM Kompact Engine Start Module  - BCK12085
  • KSM Kompact Engine Start Module  - BCK12085
Price: $1,578.00
SKU: BCK12085
Brand: KBI


    KOMPACT Starting Module

    By KBI

    Solid State starting source for your boat engine that replaces the starter battery. Energy is slowly drawn off the boats house battery bank ( typically 40 sec or less) to recharge the Kompact after each start.

    Manufactured by KBI (Kold-Ban International) in the USA by the leader in Engine Start Super capacitor products since 2011.

    How does it work? When called for, it releases a burst of solid voltage energy to crank your engine similar to the performance we have all experience when a new starter battery is installed (car or boat). It does this each and every time. The super capacitor in the Kompact recharges itself by drawing energy off the boat’s house bank and stores it until the next engine start.


    • Never replace your starter battery again
    • Always have starting power
    • Kompact lasts 1,000,000 +cycles
    • Reduces weight on boat
    • Strong starting power for reliable & quick engine start
    • No Maintenance
    • Works with Lithium AGM or Flooded house banks
    • Prevents BMS shutdown by Eliminating High starting surge current.
    • Helps extend your starter motor by having full sold voltage during the start process.
    • Works in temperatures from -40 to 149F (-40-65C)
    • Good for engines up to 6 L (larger units available, please call)

    Emergency out at sea situation allows for a simple 100W solar panel to complete a recharge cycle if needed providing peace of mind when offshore.