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Spirit 1.0+ Electric Outboard (3HP equiv) Spirit 1.0 Plus Electric Outboard Motor
Price: $2,599.00-$3,139.00
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Spirit 1.0+ Extra Short, Short, Long, and EVO Short now in stock! SPIRIT 1.0+ is designed to be an integrated electric outboard with high overall efficiency and long cruising duration. The power of SPIRIT 1.0+ is equivalent to a 3HP petrol outboard but operates much quieter. It has a detachable battery (that floats) and a foldable tiller with LCD readout making it easy to carry and store. All these high-performance features make SPIRIT 1.0+ an ideal propulsion...

Navy 3.0 Electric Outboard (6HP equiv) Navy 3.0 Electric Outboard Motor 6HP, NE-3-000-S0, NE-3000-L0, Navy Evo
Price: $2,999.00
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ePropulsion Item #: EDE31007 -

NAVY 3.0 EVO is a 3kW electric outboard motor by either remote control or tiller control. The Navy boasts incredible features - it’s maintenance-free and remarkably quiet. Working with our exclusive E batteries, it delivers great range performance and it also offers expansion by  battery parallel connection for extended range. The Navy 3.0 EVO is ready for tough tasks, like motorizing a 3-ton boat. It can do everything a 6-hp petrol outboard can, but delivers a faster...

Navy 6.0 EVO Electric Outboard (9.9HP equiv) Navy 6.0 Electric Outboard Motor 9.9HP, NE-6000-S0, NE-6000-L0, Navy Evo
Price: $3,599.00
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ePropulsion Item #: EDE31015 -

Navy 6.0 Electric Outboard Motor 9.9HP is the most powerful within ePropulsion and ideal for bass boats, RIBs and workboats up to 6 tons. The Navy 6.0 EVO is the solution when you need to boost your boats performance while increasing your on board experience with a quiet smooth ride. The 6 kW motor can remain at the max output for hours. It will impress you with it’s great performance! The Navy 6.0 outboard is powered from a 48 VDC battery bank. The amount of battery...

Spirit 1.0 Plus

Spirit 1.0 Plus is a portable 3HP electric outboard made for dingies, fishing boats, sailboats and tenders. It features a 1276Wh large integrated lithium battery for long range. It’s nimble, lightweight, and clean power. With options allowing for hydrogeneration as well as solar charging, the Spirit 1.0 Plus enables sailors to travel farther and more sustainably.

Navy 3.0/6.0

The Navy series provides efficient and clean power for aluminum fishing boats, dinghies, daysailers, and cruising sailboats, suitable for saltwater and freshwater. Thanks to its direct-drive technology, the Navy electric outboard boat motor is quiet, maintenance-free, and reliable. It’s easy and flexible to build a Navy electric outboard system that satisfies your needs.

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