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    NAVY 3.0 EVO is a 3kW electric outboard motor by either remote control or tiller control. The Navy boasts incredible features - it’s maintenance-free and remarkably quiet. Working with our exclusive E batteries, it delivers great range performance and it also offers expansion by  battery parallel connection for extended range.

    The Navy 3.0 EVO is ready for tough tasks, like motorizing a 3-ton boat. It can do everything a 6-hp petrol outboard can, but delivers a faster acceleration and better control. The quality of craftsmanship is so reliable you can relax and enjoy your time on the water!

    Navy 3.0 Evo also allows you to collect electricity from the water when overdriven with hydrogeneration function. Great for recharging the batteries in high tidal/river currents or while underway.

    NAVY 3.0-S/L   Shaft  versions are discontinued and replaced with the newer EVO versions.

    NOTE: Batteries, Tiller, Communication cable (between battery and outboard)  and Remotes sold separately.

    Navy 3.0 Shaft Length:

    NAVY 3.0 Evo-S: 64 cm / 25.3 inches

    NAVY 3.0 Evo-L: 76.5 cm / 30.1 inches

    Need help in selection of shaft length check out our Guide

    Part Numbers:

    NAVY 3.0 Evo-S: NE-3-000-S0

    NAVY 3.0 Evo-L: NE-3000-L0

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    Navy 3.0 information:
    PDF Navy 3.0 Manual
    PDF Navy 3.0 Technical Drawing
    PDF Navy Evo Specsheet