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SKU: WRE95630A
Brand: e Marine
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    10'  Battery Extension   Kit (120A,  12-48VDC)

    This kit makes extending connections to a battery easy (48VDC max). All cables are pre-terminated with large 5/16" diameter hole lugs.  Included is a two post terminal block for easy matting to your existing wires.

    Excellent solution for use with e Propulsion NAVY and ELCO electric drives where supplied battery interconnects prove to short for installation needs.  

    The kit is Marine grade making it distinct from other products found on the market.

    Each kit includes:

    * 2 post terminal block (5/16" studs)

    * 10' long Red and black  #2 cables pre-terminated with 5/16" ring crimps.

    Cutom sizes available upon request.