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    Navy 6.0 Propeller is a three-blade premium fiber-reinforced nylon propeller. Propeller available for low pitch and high pitch.

    The lower pitch propeller will provide higher torque but a lower top and speed, whereas the high pitch propeller will provide a lower torque but a greater high-end speed. Which is best for your boat really depends on your boat type and speed need.

    These are manufacturers replacement products and are designed to work with the Navy 6.0 outboard. 

    Navy 6.0 Low Pitch Propeller Dimensions: 13.4 × 8.5 inch / 340 × 216 mm

    Navy 6.0 High Pitch Propeller Dimensions: 12.6 × 10.8 inch / 320 × 274 mm

    Part Numbers: 

    Low Pitch Propeller: N6-LU02-00

    High Pitch Propeller: N6-LU12-00