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    120W Semi Flexible Solar Panel adopts the highest efficiency cell from USA, with efficiency up to 20% or higher, which enable 25-30% higher power generation than the conventional PV modules of the same size.

    By adopting the back contact technique, cells can be coated on a flexible materials and create a high efficiency flexible solar panel.

    This kind of solar panel can be widely used in the field of Electric Golf Car, Patrol Car, Travel Tourism Car, Yacht, Roof Power Generation, Backpack, Tent, and so on.

    • Sunpower solar cells
    • Flexible solar panel, 30-90 degree bendable
    • Efficiency up to 20% or higher
    • 5 year warranty
    • Junction box w/ MC-4 connectors.
    • Made in China

    Dimensions: 51.38" x 21.26" x 0.118"

    Ratings: Voltage 22.0 VDC; Current 5.5 Amps; Power 120W

    Weight: 3.97 lbs (1.8 kg)


    These panels are not designed to be walked on. if mounting on a flexible canvas type surface, such as a Bimini top, tent or canopy, caution should be used to be sure no hard braces are located behind the panel and that the canvas type surface be extremely tight and rigid.  Strong flexing over years may cause failure and care should be taken when selecting a installation location.  Please call should you have any questions or concerns about the installation site you are considering. These panels are very flexible and therefore not recommended for portable use unless they are attached to a backing to minimize excessive bending and flexing.


    120W Semi Flexible Solar Panel Specifications:

     Maximum Power (+/- 5%) - Pmax  120 W
     Open Circuit Voltage - Voc  25.5 V
     Short Circuit Current - Isc  5.92 A
     Maximum Power Voltage (Vpm)
     22.0 V
     Maximum Power Current (Imp)
     5.45 A
     Maximum System Voltage
     600 VDC
     Length  51.38" (1305 mm)
     Width  21.26" (540mm)
     Thickness  0.118" (3 mm)
     Num. of cells  40