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Brand: Xantrex
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    FREEDOM EX 4000

    True sine wave Inverter 120Vac, Lithium Ion ready Battery Charger, 12VDC Converter Power Supply, 50A Transfer Relay in One Package. 2x surge for 5s to support motor loads. 50A 12VDC converter to reduce component and simplify installation.

    The new FREEDOM EX 4000 is a truly unique, true sine wave power solution packing a powerful 48VDC, 4000W (8000W [5s]) inverter, 80A 48VDC battery charger, 50A transfer relay and a 48VDC to 12VDC, 45A converter inside one box. Designed for mobile applications that utilize 48VDC battery systems, the FREEDOM EX 4000 is designed to work as a standalone AC and DC power solution or supplement an existing generator to create a hybrid system. The FREEDOM EX 4000 features the most widely used communication protocols – RV-C (RV), enabling it to be used in virtually any application that requires integration with 3rd party MFPs and software.