Price: $7,300.00
SKU: ACT40007
Brand: Terodinamica

    TERMODINAMICA VRV7E1 VDC Air Conditioning High Efficency Unit Cooling Unit - Special Order. Installation not include.

    The compressor box is designed to offer maximum comfort and superior efficiency compared to any other competitor.

    Termodinamica uses unique and patented technologies which allow it to manage “on demand” power request for every single air handler. Variable speed inverter compressors are very quiet and without perceptible vibrations during the night. Construction is very robust and uses materials like titanium, introduced by Termodinamica for the first time in 2011 also in the leisure boat market.

    A clever microprocessor management monitor system oversees and prevents fatal errors by notifying to on board technicians, the possible origins of anomalies with user-friendly touch screen.