A New Dimension of Comfort

Termodinamica believes in revolutionizing the marine air conditioning industry by creating technology and top quality products that deliver high performance and comfort on board in a sustainable environment. With equipment meant for everything from megayachts to single-cabin vessels, Termodinamica is the versatile and flexible choice to stay comfortable at sea.

Grade 2 Titanium Exchangers

Termodinamica uses grade 2 titanium exchangers to reduce corrision. The base material is high-purity titanium welded by TIG in an argon protective chamber. This means max performance without degradation.

Industry-Leading Efficiency

Termodinamica A/C units are designed to utilize up to 50% less power than similar competitors' units, allowing you to maximize space and minimize energy usage.

Smart Controls & Connectivity

Termodinamica uses a telemetry system for HVAC. This allows you to control your A/C regardless of where you are. In addtiion, there's an integrated smart control system which alerts you in the event of part failure.

Solutions for Any Size Vessel

Termodinamica air handlers can operate at low temperatures, and offer you superior dehumidification. It allows you to create a healthier environment, and increase on board comfort (up to 20% RH in 20 minutes).

Remote Access & Telemetry

Remote View your A/C System

Termodinamica A/C units feature a compact and accurate telemetry system. Using on-board Wi-Fi, units are capable of transmiting operating parameters to a device or service center. Control software processes this information and, in the event of hardware failure, can alert land-based or on-board support staff. With these tools, a malfunction can be fixed in minutes.

A Termodinamica remote control system guarantees superior service, no matter your location.

A/C Unit Displays

An exceptional air conditioning system needs an exceptional user interface. Termodinamica A/C systems make available, either via remote access or using their proprietary 4.3" wide touchscreen display (with the potential to go up to a 15" display), a multitude of options, customizable settings, and live status updates to ensure your perfect climate controlled environment.

Termodinamica Information:

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