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    Outback Power EnergyCell 200NC Nano-Carbon 12V with front terminal and featuring the advanced technology PSoC will allow for extended life of a battery in self-consumption applications. Nano-Carbon offers all the safety and convenience of a VRLA battery with the cycling benefits of advanced energy storage. Operation of Nano-Carbon in an application where full battery recharges aren’t always possible, like off-grid or areas of the world with limited sun hours, can maximize your overall cycle life by up to 44% versus a traditional VRLA deep cycle battery.

    The Nano-Carbon is an enhanced and optimized negative active material formulation which makes it more than just a carbon additive. The high surface area carbon is a specially formulated additive for improving the negative active material in lead-acid batteries. Carbon increases conductivity and adds additional capacitance to the Outback battery. Nano-Carbon improves the Outback Battery charge efficiency and allows PSoC operation with improved deep discharge recovery.

    Outback EnergyCell 200NC Nano-Carbon Specs:

    Outback EnergyCell 200NC Nano-Carbon Specs

    Outback EnergyCell NC Info:
    PDF Outback Power EnergyCell 200NC Specsheet