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  • eLite Electric Outboard (1.5HP equivalent) - EDE30070
  • eLite Electric Outboard (1.5HP equivalent) - EDE30070
  • eLite Electric Outboard (1.5HP equivalent) - EDE30070

Price: $999.00
SKU: EDE30070


    eLite  electric outboard

    self-contained 1.5HP equivalent

    This 500w motor will weighs under 14.7lbs (6.7kg) and is equivalent to about a 1.5hp gasoline motor.

    Runtime will be 45 minutes (at continuous full throttle).  The quick disconnect attached  transom mount makes it a snap to connect and go!  The tiller arm stays attached and folds down for easy transportation, but it also locks in place to act as a carrying handle.  The eLite fully self-contained and lightweight making it easy to handle and stow away.  It can be adjusted to a variety of transom heights making it a portable device that can easy be used in various boats.

    Perfect solution for small inflatables to 12' or boats such as Jon, Skiff, Canoe or similar style boats for use on lakes or saltwater environments.  

    eLite includes a USB-C port for charging external gear such as a phone or o power lights is available.

    How do you recharge it?  There are 3 sources possible: Electric outlet 120VAC via included charger; 12VDC adapter*, Solar Panel via a solar charger*. 

    * Optional devises sold separately

    Outboard Bag included for easy carrying and stowage.

    eLite has limited availability until  Mid-March of 2024, pre orders being accepted. 

    eLite  Built In Battery Specifications:

    • Rated capacity: 375 Wh
    • Rated voltage: 25.2 V
    • Charging time: 5 hr (using 120VAC standard charger)

    eLite  Shaft Length:

    Adjustable in 4 incremental, locking steps:

    S: 11.1" (282.5mm)

    MS: 12.7" (322mm)

    ML: 14.27" (362.5mm)

    L: 15.8" (401mm)

    eLite Tilt and Trim:

    The trim adjust allows for 3 angular adjustments to meet your needs: 8, 17 and 26 degrees.  A tilt angle of 75 degrees is available for docking.  It also offers a special shallow water tilt angle of 36 degrees for those special situations.

    eLite Tiller:

    • Extendable
    • Fixed or adjustable angle
    • Folds to act as a carrying handle
    • Easy Grip ergonomic handle

    Part Number:     eLite : EL-0500-00