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    The OutBack Integrated Battery Rack system 3-Shelf is a comprehensive battery enclosure solution with cell interconnects, cabling, and series string over-current protection and disconnects included, making it easy to order and install. All electrical connections are made at the factory and ship fully assembled with the exception of the batteries, which can be quickly added and connected on the jobsite.

    Unlike typical steel racks, the OutBack design is crafted of powder coated aluminum, resulting in a rack that maintains a clean, durable appearance even in challenging environments while weighing less than 90 pounds. Clear covers allow for visual inspection while providing additional protection for the batteries and electrical connections. The IBR-3-48-175 can accommodate up to twelve (12) EnergyCell batteries and supports 48 volt systems.

    Battery Rack system 3-Shelf Features

    • Ideal for Use with OutBack Radian, FLEXpower and FLEXcoupled Systems
    • Fast Installation
    • Supports Multiple 48V Strings of OutBack EnergyCell RE, GH, and Nano-Carbon Batteries
    • Overcurrent Protection on Each Battery String Provides Added Safety and Flexibility
    • Well-Ventilated for Increased Battery Safety and Longevity
    • Protective Terminal Covers
    • Space-Saving Design with Smaller Footprint
    • Designed to Meet UL1741


    Models IBR-3-48-175
    Dimensions (H x W x D)
    48.6" x 27" x 24.5"
    (without Batteries)
    89 lbs
    Physical Characteristics 0.125" thick aluminum enclosure with FLEXware silver finish; plated copper bus bars and clear protective covers. Ships fully assembled (except for batteries)
    String Overcurrent Protection 175 ADC
    Gauge of Conductors 1/0 AWG
    Capacity Up to 12 EnergyCell batteries
    Terminal Threaded copper alloy insert terminal to accept ΒΌ-20 UNC bolt
    Nominal System Voltage 48 VDC

    EnergyCell 200RE, EnergyCell 170RE, EnergyCell 200GH, EnergyCell 220GH, EnergyCell 200NC and EnergyCell 170NC

    More detailed information:
    PDF DATASHEET for OutBack Integrated Battery Rack system
    PDF INSTALLATION MANUAL for OutBack Integrated Battery Rack Systems
    PDF OutBack Power Energy Storage Matrix