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    iD Marine USB Medical Information Stick


    One for each crew member on board

    How does it work?  Upon receipt of your unit, simply inserted into any PC USB port. The software application will automatically load.  Initially the user will have to enter in all the critical information such as: name, address, emergency contacts, etc. A photograph and any critical legal documents such as living wills, DNR orders or other medical files can also be added.  Once uploaded, the information can be password protected yet updated at any time in the future.

    If a medical emergency were to occur the medical insignia on the outside would immediately be recognized by a emergency/medical professional indicating crucial information regarding prospective patient who may be unconscious or incapable of providing potential life-saving information.  Even in non-emergency situations, at the doctors office or walk in medical center, you can hand the stick over to print all your medical information immediately and easily.

    The medical professional  simply plugs the ID stick into a USB port, the application will automatically load and the information screen will appear with all the critical medical information that was loaded.  A print button allows easy printing of all the information to the medical provider for instantaneous hard copy on your medical background.