How it works

The system consists of three components.  The solar panel collects the energy from the sun and passes it through to  a device called a Charge Controller.  The Charge Controller then regulates and controls the DC energy from the solar panel putting it into your battery bank.  When your battery is deeply discharged it will put as much energy as available from the solar panel into the batteries until the point they reach full charge, it then switches into what's called a float mode to maintain your batteries at full charge automatically. In simple terms, the Charge Controller is a battery charger powered by the sun.

Don't worry, your battery will never be overcharged and the solar panel will not discharge you battery at night.

DIY Installer's Kit

When you purchase one of our kits you will receive the solar panel complete with mounting hardware to clamp the solar panel  onto a standard 1" stainless steel rail; 15'marine grade wire with water tight quick connector  for easy connect/disconnect hook up (easy stowage of solar panel); Solar Charge Controller; line fuse; ring and butt splice crimps and a detailed hookup diagram.

Have you ever gone to start your boat and found a dead battery or a slow cranking start?  Do heavy rains run your bilge pump draining your batteries while you are up all night worrying? Are you tired of hauling out your batteries each and every winter storage season? Maybe it's time for a solar battery charger Kit!


  • Boats - moored on a hook  or where no shore power is available
  • Boats - in marina storage or sitting on trailers
  • Offshore beacons and remote monitoring equipment
  • Oceanside homes & remote cabins
  • Water pumping
  • Battery charging for Auto's or RV's
10 W 17 .58 11.81 x 13.11 x 1.38
20 W 17.2 1.16 22.68 x 13.03 x 1.38
30 W 17.2 1.74 21.30 x 18.43 x 1.38

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