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Brand: e Marine

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    These pre-assembled 12V Battery Charger Kits are excellent solutions for quickly installing a small solar system on board small fishing, power and sailboats for an easy recharging system.

    Connection is simple, wire the 15' cables two leads to the 12 V battery. Each kit has its own built-in three stage charge controller and is fused. Never worry about overcharging your battery or about having the batteries dead when you are ready to take the boat out for the weekend.Solar charge controller works with motor alternator or shore battery charger so there is no need to disconnected when other charging sources are in use.

    Designed for charging AGM or Flooded type batteries that require acceptance charge rate of 14.1V and Float charge of 13.7V

    The kit does not include any mounting hardware for the fixed frame panel as many users elect to stow the panels away while the boat is in use.

    50W Panel Kit - 26.6" x 21" x 1.38"

    70W Panel Kit - 58.7" x 13.46" x 1.97"

    75W Panel Kit- 30.47" x 26.57" x 1.38"

    12V Solar Battery Charger Kit Diagram: