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What is a Fixed Frame?

The prototypical solar panel, FIXED FRAME SOLAR PANELS tend to be rigid and constructed of durable materials like tempered glass and aluminum. These types of panels are strong enough to be left out in the elements as part of a permanent land or marine-based installation.

Power output varies from model to model, but is generally is anywhere from 10W - 450W.

Fixed frame solar panel installed onto a stanction.
Fixed frame solar panels installed onto the top of a boat.

Fixed Frame vs. Semi-Flexible

While the price per watt for solar panels can be very similar, it is the overall usable surface area for a solar system that makes the difference. The more surface area that a solar panel has, the greater the energy yield.

FIXED FRAME SOLAR PANELS offer excellent solar surface area, and can be expected to produce more, across a longer span of time. SEMI-FLEXIBLE SOLAR PANELS, on the other hand, will be largely portable but undersized - leading to lower energy yields. When a project demands power, FIXED FRAME SOLAR PANELS are the leading and most cost-effective solution.