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VSUN's automated assembly line produces high-quality, high-efficiency, and extremely reliable solar modules. With stringent laboratory tests and Japanese management, VSUN provides customers all across the globe professional photovoltaic solutions at a competitive price-per-watt.

VSUN products, such as the VSUN400-108M-BB PV MODULE, will endure through the years, consistently operating at high performance. With extreme weather ratings and PID-free manufacturing, VSUN panels are a sure bet at-sea, and are certified for salt/ammonia corrision resistance.

VSUN Rooftop Solar Panels Project

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400W VSUN Bifacial
Price: $465.00
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VSUN Item #: SOV10400 -

Halloween/Thanksgiving Clearance- 7 panels are available with cosmetic frame scratches and dents for the low price of $395 Electrical Characteristics at Standard Test Conditions(STC)Module Type VSUN400-108M-BB  Maximum Power - Pmax (W) 400  Open Circuit Voltage - Voc (V) 37.2  Short Circuit Current - Isc (A) 13.68  Maximum Power Voltage - Vmpp (V) 31.17  Maximum Power Current - Impp (A) 12.84  Module Efficiency - 20.49% Electrical...