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LG's commitment to controlling every step of the manufacturing process from start to finish ensures that they build and deliver a quality product every time. Thanks to thorough testing processes, LG ensures that each panel off the production line will perform well in real-world conditions. LG’s high standards result in world-class products for their customers.


Quality solar panels are expected to produce clean energy for years, so your panels' ability to generate the electricity you need over the long-term is critical. LG’s products are built to experience low degradation rates, so you can trust that any LG purchase will be an investment rather than a cost.


In the rare case that a panel needs to be replaced or repaired, LG won’t just cover the cost of the materials; they’ll also cover labor costs up to $450. When you choose LG solar products, you can feel confident that you are making a smart choice and investing in a quality product that will benefit you for years to come.

LG warranties are transferable. This means that when an owner sells a home with LG panels, the new owners will continue to enjoy this exceptional protection.

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LG 380W Solar Panel N1C-A6
Price: $514.00
Availability: In Stock

LG380N1C-A6 Mono (37.3Vmp, 8.73A 60 Cell) Black frame 68.5" x 41" x 1.57" 21.7% panel efficiencyOnly the solar panel is apart of the Memorial Day Sale! GENERAL DATA Cell Properties (Material/Type): Monocrystalline/N-typeCell Configuration: 60 Cells (6 x 10)Module Dimensions (L x W x H): 68.5" x 41" x 1.57"Glass (Material): Tempered Glass with AR CoatingFrame (Material): Anodized Aluminum Cables (Length): 43in Weight: 41lbs1000 Volt DC380 Watt NeON 2® Series DATA SHEET ...

LG440 QAC-A6 Hi-Eff Hi-Q Cells
Price: $690.00
Availability: In Stock
LG Item #: SOL60440 -

High Output and EfficiencyThe LG NeON® R series has been designed for high-power output making it efficient even in limited space.25-Year WarrantyThe NeON® R series offers a 25-year limited warranty for performance, product and labor. At 25 years, the modules are guaranteed to produce at least 92.5% of their labeled power output. Roof AestheticsThe LG NeON® R series has been designed with aesthetics in mind; with no electrodes on the front, the modules have a sleek, modern appearance.Excellent...

LG 340W High Efficiency NeON2 Solar Panel LG 340W High Efficiency NeON2 Solar Panel, LG340N1C-V5
Retail: $399.00
Price: $370.00
Availability: In Stock
LG Item #: SOL60340 -

LG 340W NeON Solar Panel LG 340W High Efficiency NeON2 Solar Panel is the best selling solar module, and is one of the most powerful and versatile modules on the market today. Featuring LG’s Cello Technology, the LG NeON® 2 increases power output. New updates include an extended performance warranty from 86% to 90.08% to give customers higher performance and reliability. Ratings: Voltage 34.5 VDC; Current 9.86 A; Power 340W Dimensions: Length 66.4"; Width 40.0", x Depth 1.57" Features High...

LG 365W Solar Panel Fixed Frame( Only 1 Available)  LG NeON R 365W Solar Panel Fixed Frame, LG365Q1C-A5, LG NeON R 365W
Retail: $575.00
Price: $555.00
Availability: In Stock
LG Item #: SOL60365 -

LG NeON R 365W Solar Panel LG365Q1C-A5 ( Only 1 Available) LG NeON R 365W Solar Panel Fixed Frame is a powerful solar module that provides world-class performance. A new cell structure that eliminates electrodes on the front maximizes the utilization of light and enhances reliability. LG NeON R is a result of LG’s efforts to increase customer value beyond basic efficiency. The LG NeON R 365W Solar Panel features enhanced durability and performance under real-world...