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SeaLink Deluxe 12 Volt Plug 12v plug, 12vpg, Marinco
Price: $12.95
Availability: In Stock
Marinco Item #: EPE20065 -

• Moisture proof sealing ring• LED power indicator light• Interchangeable 10A fuse• Internal strain relief and cord seal• C ompatible with standard 12V

MidNite Solar BABYBOX
Price: $39.00
Availability: In Stock
MidNite Solar Item #: FSH40480 -

General use powder coated aluminum enclosure for retrofits, small inverter disconnect, PV disconnect, AC or DC distribution. Used all around the world. 3/4 & 1" knockouts each end. Accepts up to 4 Din mount breakers from 1 to 63 Amps. Features: Enclosure: gray powder coated aluminum 3/4" & 1" knockouts each end Din rail for up to four MNEPV (Midnite Solar) breakers Limit breaker quantity to two when using 6AWG wire Left hand breaker position knocked out standard More detailed information:...

MidNite Solar BIG BABY
Price: $48.00
Availability: In Stock
MidNite Solar Item #: FSH40485 -

The Big Baby aluminum enclosure is about twice as wide as the Baby Box, allowing for a ETL listed 4 position din rail box and provides more wiring room. It also includes a ground box lug and mounting provisions for our short insulated bus bar as well as a ground bus bar. Features: Environmental Rating - Type 1 (Indoor) Big Baby's DIN rail accepts up to 4 breakers (not included)Breakers: 1-63AMax Wire - breakers 6 AWGMax. AC Voltage - 277 VACMax. DC Voltage - 300 VDCWarranty - 5 yearsListed by...

3 Phase Bridge Rectifier 100A - 1000V 3 PHASE Bridge Rectifier, 3-PHASE Bridge Rectifier
Price: $19.95
Availability: In Stock
Item #: EPE80561 -

This is a great product to solve the needs of rectifying a wind generator that has a three phase, wild AC output. It's completely self-contained and has its own heatsink as part of the assembly.It's rated at the 100 amps up to 1000V, which may seem fairly excessive for most wind generator applications. But in reality the energy surges that might occur during severe storms can easily start to push up the envelope of reaching the maximums on the bridge rectifier. This is not one of the items you...

USB Dual Socket Outlet Kit - 12 VDC USB, USB Outlet, USB Kit, USB Charging Kit, USB Charger Kit
Retail: $37.50
Price: $29.95
Availability: In Stock
e Marine Item #: EPE80107A -

Need to add a USB power socket on board your boat or RV? This is an excellent kit to solve the problem quickly and easy.  It  mounts on to any flat surface up to 1" thick by simply drilling a 1-1/8" hole.The socket has two USB outlets and is  powered from a 12 VDC source. Included in the kit are  the necessary crimps, fuse holder and fuse required for the installation. Simply add some short pieces of wire and the USB outlet is ready the power of all those energy hungry...

25 Amp 600 Piv Bridge Rectifier TB256 25 Amp 600 Piv, Bridge Rectifier, TB256
Price: $6.25
Availability: In Stock
e Marine Item #: WGR70970 -

25 Amp 600 Piv Bridge Rectifier P.I.V. 1 1/8" square.

6 Pin Terminal Block 6 Pin Terminal Block
Price: $7.25
Availability: In Stock
BocaTech Item #: EPE20508 -

6 pin terminal block with barriers, clamping screws and see-through cover (included).  Rated at 25A, 50 V DC it provides an excellent solution for interconnect of large cables to small interface connections on small clamping terminal blocks found on the HRSi wind turbine regulator manufactured by Rutland.  We strongly recommend  this when large wires are used on the installation as a means of interconnecting to the controller to eliminate installation and operational...

Crimp Pins 8 Pak 12-10 AWG Crimp pins 12-10 AWG
Price: $2.40
Availability: In Stock
Item #: EPCP2010A -

This 8 pack of pin crimps allows easy termination of either 12 or 10gauge wire.  They feature a single pin that extends off the end of the crimp often required for interconnect to clamp type terminal blocks.  This makes for an excellent solution to difficult tight  wiring situations by eliminating the typical flying wire strands  when trying to insert stranded cables in a small tight clamping terminal strip.  These are strongly recommended for use with the HRDi wind...

WIRE (#10-12) to Pin Terminator Crimp Kit 25 Amp 600 Piv, Bridge Rectifier, TB256
Price: $2.40
Availability: In Stock
e Marine Item #: EPCP2010A-NO USE -

25 Amp 600 Piv Bridge Rectifier P.I.V. 1 1/8" square.