Price: $19.95
SKU: EPE80561


    This is a great product to solve the needs of rectifying a wind generator that has a three phase, wild AC output. It's completely self-contained and has its own heatsink as part of the assembly.

    It's rated at the 100 amps up to 1000V, which may seem fairly excessive for most wind generator applications. But in reality the energy surges that might occur during severe storms can easily start to push up the envelope of reaching the maximums on the bridge rectifier. This is not one of the items you want to have failed in your renewable energy system so an oversized bridge is a smart investment.

    Recommended on turbines such as the Silent Wind series, Typmar vertical axis turbines and other wind generators (500W or less) that have a wild AC three wire output (three-phase).

    The bridge rectifier is totally encapsulated and epoxied into its attached heatsink making it very durable for challenging environmental situations. There are five terminals, three for the wild AC input from the turbine and two for the DC output (+ and -)