Canvas Tee Top Solar Charging Kits for Center Console Boats will let you enjoy running equipment on board such as refrigeration, sound systems, navigation equipment or other items and not be concerned that you might run out of power.

Don't let your fishing expedition be foiled while fishing because your engines are running causing vibration, noise and smoke. The Canvas Tee Top Solar Charging Kits will help to eliminate these problems and make fishing much more pleasurable.

Canvas Tee Top Solar Charging Kits Soft Bimini Solar Charging Kits

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Canvas Tee Top Kit 140W Canvas Tee Top Kit 140W, soft bimini kit
Price: $925.00-$1,075.00
Availability: In Stock
e Marine Item #: MKS10650A -

Canvas Tee Top Kit 140W is designed for installation on center console boat that have a soft Bimini Top.  The Canvas Teetop kit is predesigned and set up for self installation, are  all-inclusive there-by eliminating equipment guesswork and/or missing parts during installation.  The end result is a kit that will install quickly and work once installed.  There is nothing to turn on or off, everything is automatic and the batteries will be charged up and topped off ready...