Price: $760.00
SKU: MKS10730A
Brand: e Marine


    Canvas Tee Top Kit 200W is designed for installation on center console boat that have a soft Bimini Top.

    The Canvas Teetop kit is predesigned and set up for self installation, are all-inclusive there-by eliminating equipment guesswork and/or missing parts during installation.

    The end result is a kit that will install quickly and work once installed. There is nothing to turn on or off, everything is automatic and the batteries will be charged up and topped off ready for a full fun packed day of boating and fishing.

    These kits are designed to work with a nominal 12 V battery system with either flooded or AGM type batteries. Some of the 1 inch tubing supplied in the kit will need to be cut to fit the specific Bimini top frame which is easily connected to the Bimini top through the use of simple slide on jaw clamps that are provided. A second battery bank, such as the starter battery, can also be charged from the kit that includes the MPPT Solar Boost Controller.

    How much energy will the Canvas Tee Top Kit produce?

    This solar panel should produce on the average of 40-60 A-Hrs per day. This is enough energy to maintain charge the batteries while running a small refrigerator, sound system, navigation equipment, etc. Individual results will vary based on the actual loads, the amount of time that they are on, the sun or possible shading conditions of the panel.

    Tee Top / Bimini Requirements:

    The kit is designed to work with a soft Bimini top rail system that is 1 inch in diameter (OD) and a Bimini beam of 7' or less. Open space requirements on the Bimini to fit the solar panel is 27" wide (forward to aft) and 59"long (port to starboard).

    Canvas Tee Top Kit: Kit includes the 200 W solar panel (with easy connect water resistant terminal box), standard mounting kit with four rail clamps, enough 1 inch stainless steel pipe and associated fittings to put the structure in place support the panel ( cutting required on the 1 inch stock provided), 30' of 12-2 Marine grade wire, 6' of 10-2 Marine grade wire, 10 amp Charge Controller (regulates charging of the battery), fuse holder with fuse, crimps, through deck wire clamp and installation instructions. Estimated daily energy production is 48 A-Hrs.

    Please contact us for other kits that are available for other solar PV sizes and Tee Top/Bimini mounting.