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    Flexmax 100 MPPT Charge Controller offers an efficient, safe, multi-stage recharging process that prolongs battery life and assures peak performance from a PV array of up to 300 open-circuit volts

    The FLEXmax 100 charge controller uses continuous Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT). This function continuously seeks out the maximum power av ailable from a PV array and harvests it. This power is used to recharge the batteries . See page 66 for a description of MPPT

    FLEXmax 100 MPPT Specs:

    Nominal Battery System Voltage 24VDC / 36VDC / 48VDC
    Maximum Output Current 100A
    Standby Power Consumption ~2.5W
    Power Conversion Efficiency 24V: 96%
    48V: 97%
    Charging Regulation Three-stage
    Equalization Charging Programmable start time, voltage set point and duration, automatic termination when completed
    Battery Temperature Compensation Adjustable from 2mV/cell/°C to 6mV/cell/°C
    Voltage Step-Down Capability Down convert from any acceptable array voltage to any battery voltage (example: 72VDC array to 24VDC battery)
    Programmable Auxilary Control Output 12VDC output signal which can be programmed for different control applications (maximum of 0.25ADC)
    Remote Display and Controller MATE3 compatible
    Operating Temperature Range Ambient, -25°C to 60°C (-13°F to 140°F), output power reduced above 25°C
    Weight Unit: 18.3 / 8.3
    Shipping: 22 / 10
    Dimensions (H x W x D) Unit: 22 x 8.8 x 6 / 55.9 x 22.4 x 15.2
    Shipping: 25.5 x 12 x 10 / 64.8 x 30.5 x 25.4
    Options Remote Temperature Sensor (RTS), HUB4, HUB10.3, MATE3s
    Certifications UL 1741, CSA C22.2 No. 107.1, IEC 62109-1

    FLEXmax 100 information:
    PDF Spec Sheet
    PDF Owner's Manual
    PDF Quick Start Guide