Price: $180.00
SKU: CCO55310
Brand: OutBack

    The HUB system communications manager is the backbone of your networked OutBack power conversion system. 

    Product Highlights

    - Communication stacking
    - Load share and power save on/off signals
    - Standard interconnection cabling
    - Ethernet CAT5 with RJ45 modular jacks

    OutBack Power Systems’ HUB System Communications Manager allows multiple OutBack devices to connect and integrate at one point via CAT5e cable WITH RJ45 modular jacks.

    There are two HUB Communication Manager products:
    • HUB 4, which has four component ports plus a MATE port
    HUB 10, which has ten component ports plus a MATE port

    When the MATE is attached to the HUB 4, it can display and manage any combination of four FX Series Inverters/Chargers and OutBack Charge Controllers. The OutBack HUB 10 allows the MATE to control up to 10 OutBack products of any combination.


    Manufacturer Model No.
    Number of Ports
    4 Plus MATE
    Weight:1 lb
    Dimensions (H x W x L)
    :10.5" x 6.25" x 1.27"

    More detailed information:
    PDF Outback HUB Installation & User Guide