Price: $5,600.00
SKU: ACT10024V

    TD24V1 is a self-contained air conditioning unit with a built-in titanium condenser. This unit is based on a variable speed compressor powered directly at 24 Volts DC capable of 16.000 btu/h in cooling mode.

    The TD24V1 uses an eco-friendly R134A refrigerant that works at a maximum pressure of 145 psi, allowing safe operation with people on board.

    Variable speed compressor is able to manage capacity on demand and satisfy the heat load of the cabin as necessary. It offers powerful cooling and energy savings operation when the cabin is in temperature.

    Power consumption is extremely low with a minimum of 250 watts and a maximum of 750 watts (11Amps to 30Amps).

    Our sea water condenser is made of grade 2 Titanium that offers incredible resistance to fouling from salt and does not suffer from corrosion.

    The base and main frame of the product are made of 316L stainless steel that is extremely corrosion resistant.

    An advanced microprocessor system controls the unit that prevents damage and monitors faults. (high pressure, high temperature etc.).

    A touch screen human interface offers a user friendly experience and allows the user to control system settings and offers an easy troubleshooting interface that explains the possible origin of any issues.

    Our system uses a power management algorithm that the user can set to achieve a specific maximum power consumption. It helps to save energy from the batteries and reduce maximum capacity when needed.

    TERMODINAMICA 24 VDC Air Conditioning High Efficiency Unit Reverse Cycle - Special Order with Lead-time