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    The monocrystalline high efficiency SR cells are sandwiched by two patented metallic grids. The grid on the front is carefully tailored to optimize the current harvesting, while the one behind the cell offers strong mechanical support. The grids essentially form a double shield that acts as a conducting reinforcement to the solar cell. Extreme crack and bend tolerance are built in, enabling novel crystalline silicon architectures. A guaranty of high efficiency and unmatched durability in flexible solar panels.

    SOLBIANFlex SR Series Features:

    • The most efficient flexible modules on the market
    • Flexible and lightweight (2.2 kg/m)
    • Completely waterproof and resistant to salt water
    • Thin (less than 2 mm)
    • IEC 61215 and IEC 61730 certified
    • 5 year warranty against manufacturing defects
    • Integrated bypass diodes to minimise output losses associated with partial shading
    • Available with different front sheets, many fixing and electrical wiring options
    • White, black or transparent back sheet
    • Adaptable to any battery: from 5 to 48 volt, lead-acid or lithium
    • Designed and manufactured in Italy

    At the core of Merlin Solar’s patented technology is an innovative pair of metal grids that serve as intra- cell and inter-cell interconnects. The same copper and solder as any other bus bar cell are used, but 20 redundant lines and 180+ interconnects, not only enable to extract more power but also dramatically improve the reliability, performance and ruggedness of the solar panels

    Model SR 72
    SR 82Q
    SR 124
    SR 166 SR 186L
    SR 186QSR 248
    Length 53.4” / 1364mm 53.7” / 1363.98 mm
    28.5” / 723.9mm
    41.2” / 1046.48mm 54” / 1371mm 60” / 1524mm41.2”/1046.48mm53.7”/1363.98mm
    Width 14.3” / 365mm
    14.3” / 363.22mm
    27” / 685.8mm
    27” / 685.8mm
    27” / 685.8mm
    27” / 685.8mm
    39.4"/ 1000.76mm39.4”/1000.76mm
    Weight 2.6 lbs. 2.6 lbs. 2.6 lbs. 3.8 lbs. 4.6 lbs. 5.3 lbs.5.3 lbs.6.6 lbs.
    Power 72 W 82 W 82 W 124 W 166 W 186 W186 W248 W

    SR Series information:
    PDF Solbian SR Series Datasheet