Price: $600.00
SKU: WGR10504
Brand: Rutland


    Ever Found Flat Batteries Just When You Need Them to Start the Engine?

    The Rutland 504 Windcharger has been designed with the weekend yachtsman in mind. It's the ideal trickle charger and is particularly suited to vessels less that 25' in length with battery banks typically around 100Ah.

    While the boat is unattended the Rutland 504 will be replenishing your batteries using the free and abundant power in the wind so you return to fully charged batteries. During longer spells on board the Rutland 504 will provide invaluable topping up so you can comfortably use the cabin lights and other low energy appliances. Mast kit is available see P/N MKW20504.

    The Rutland 504 is so lightweight, portable and easy to handle that it is also well suited to the needs of motorhome owners.

    At home the Rutland 504 can be used to run a garden pump or fountain or even to provide safe low voltage lighting to a shed or garage.

    Regulator/Controller not included and required (see WGR50600).

    Rutland 504 Information:
    PDF Rutland 504 Datasheet