Price: $135.00
SKU: WGR50600
Brand: Rutland


    HRSi Charge Regulator - incorporates the latest Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) technology to regulate charge of the battery. Combined wind charger and up to 160 watts of solar panel input for single battery bank charging. Two tri-color LED's indicate charge status and battery voltage.  includes a Stop/Run switch.

    Works on 12 or 24 V systems and can be used  with Rutland 503 or 913 wind generators.

    An Isolation Diode is to be used when connecting solar panels to this controller.

    We also recommend a 6 Pin Terminal Block to allow for an easier install of your HRSi.


    More detailed information:
    PDF HRSi Charge Regulator Data Sheet
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    Thank you so much for your help!! With your professional help, it all went well and is producing power as we speak!!! Thanks again foreverything!!!

    Keep up the good work!!!