• LG440 QAC-A6 Hi-Eff Hi-Q Cells - SOL60440
  • LG440 QAC-A6 Hi-Eff Hi-Q Cells - SOL60440

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Price: $670.00
SKU: SOL60440
Brand: LG

    This Solar Panel is no longer unavailable

    • High Output and Efficiency1

      High Output and Efficiency

      The LG NeON® R series has been designed for high-power output making it efficient even in limited space.

    • 25-Year Warranty1

      25-Year Warranty

      The NeON® R series offers a 25-year limited warranty for performance, product and labor. At 25 years, the modules are guaranteed to produce at least 92.5% of their labeled power output.

    • Roof Aesthetics1

      Roof Aesthetics

      The LG NeON® R series has been designed with aesthetics in mind; with no electrodes on the front, the modules have a sleek, modern appearance.

    • Excellent Performance on Hot Day1

      Excellent Performance on Hot Day

      The LG NeON® R series performs well on hot
      days due to a low temperature coefficient.


    • Cell Properties (Material/Type): Monocrystalline/N-type
    • Cell Configuration: 66 Cells (6 x 11)
    • Module Dimensions (L x W x H): 75.2"x41"x1.58"
    • Weight: 46 lbs


    Maximum Power (Pmax) [W]: 440

    MPP Voltage (Vmpp) [V]: 41.4

    MPP Current (Impp) [A]:10.64

    Open Circuit Voltage (Voc, 5%) [V]: 48.2

    Short Circuit Current (Isc, 5%) [A]: 11.20

    Module Efficiency [%]: 22.1

    Power Tolerance [%]: 0 ~ +3