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SKU: SOL60405
Brand: LG

    The LG NeONĀ® 2 BiFacial is designed to absorb sunlight both from the front and the rear sides of its NeONĀ® cell by using a transparent backsheet. The dual faces of the cell result in higher energy generation.
    Dimensions, Connectors, and Etc.
    Technology:Monocrystalline (Mono)
    79.69 x 40.32 x 1.57 inches
    Weight:44.75 lbs
    Cells:6 x 12
    Cell Type:Monocrystalline / N-Type
    Number of Busbars:12 EA
    Backsheet Color:Transparent
    Frame:Anodized Aluminum
    Cables:1200 mm x 2 EA
    MC4 / MC
    Junction Box:IP 68 with 3 Bypass Diodes

    Electrical Data
    Nominal Maximum Power (Pmax):405 Watts (Bifacial Gain - 430w / 455w)
    MPP Voltage (Vmpp):41.9 Volts
    MPP Current (Impp):9.68 Amps (Bifacial Gain - 10.26V / 10.86V)
    Open Circuit Voltage (Voc):49.8 Volts
    Short Circuit Voltage (Isc):10.26 Amps (Bifacial Gain - 10.88A / 11.51A)
    Module Efficiency:19.5% (Bifacial Gain - 20.7% / 22%

    LG 405 Spec Sheet