• Rated for 12-Volt alternators up to 100-Amps
  • Rated for 24-Volt trolling motors up to 85-Amps
  • Start battery won't discharge into trolling motor
  • Automatically switches in series for 24-Volt output
  • Batteries only charged when the engine is running
  • No voltage drops so batteries reach full charge
  • No alternator/12V wiring modification required
  • Simple 6-wire basic installation
  • Green LED indicates 24V output ACTIVE
  • Amber LED indicates CHARGING IN PROGRESS.
Price: $218.71
SKU: CBY12028
Brand: Hypertech

    Hypertech Trollbridge 12x24 Hookup Diagram

    The Trollbridge 12x24 allows you to charge your 24-Volt trolling motor batteries from the 12-Volt alternator on your main engine, from your trailer hookup, or from any single or multiple bank 12-Volt charger without risk of running down your starting battery.

    It works automatically by connecting the two (2) 12-Volt trolling motor batteries in series for trolling motor mode and connecting them in parallel for charging mode. It only charges the trolling batteries when the main engine is running, and the starting battery has reached a full charge level of 13-Volts.

    Not to be used for lithium-type batteries. For installations with lithium-type batteries, please see the Hypertech Trollbridge 12x24 for Lithium Batteries.

    Hypertech Trollbridge 12x24 Information:
    ADOBE PDF Hypertech Trollbridge 12x24 Manual
    LINK Hypertech Trollbridge 12x24 Warranty