Land/Marine Wind Turbine

  • 1 year warranty with a 5 year extension / Rugged 20 year life
  • Low mass High Tech Foam Filled Carbon Fiber Composite blades
  • Low speed start up at 5.6 MPH
  • Dual Brush system provides for maximum power transfer
  • Brushless neodymium alternator
  • 1000W generation at 28 MPH
  • Rated up to 145 MPH winds
  • Mounts on standard 1.9" diameter mast
  • Neighbor friendly: only limited noise.

Introducing the latest evolution of small wind turbines, the Zephyr AIRDOLPHIN is quieter, more efficient, and precision-engineered to deliver more energy at lower and dynamically changing wind speeds. Designed for harsh and rugged environments, it is useful for a variety of battery charging applications, such as back up power, remote monitoring systems, sailboats and remote homes while delivering quiet, more consistent energy.

With a power assist start-up function, a seamless responding rotor, an ultra-lightweight design (38.5 lbs), and a swing rudder tail system that allows for instant wind direction tracking, the Zephyr AIRDOLPHIN maximizes efficiency through its superb design.

Pictured: A mounted Airdolphin wind turbine, perfect for use at sea or on land.

Airdolphin Wind Turbine Information:

Airdolphin Spec Sheet


Airdolphin Energy Production Chart


Airdolphin Live Demonstration


(Optional) e10 Control Panel (For Wind Only)


(Optional) e20 Control Panel (For Wind & Solar)


Airdolphin Repair Parts