Solara Solar PanelsSolara Solar Panels, components and complete photovoltaic systems are primarily being used in places where independence is most important: on RV’s and Caravans as well as on sailing yachts and boats. Cottages in remote geographical locations; in technological equipment; at sea, in traffic control and telecommunications systems, all are becoming independent with SOLARA.

Solara Solar Panels Installations:

  • Solara Solar Panels Installation
  • Solara Solar Panels Installation
  • Solara Solar Panels Installation
  • Solara Solar Panels with Victron Solar Controller

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Solara Cell Protector Solara Cell Protector
Price: $38.00
Availability: Back Order
Solara Item #: SOS54350 -

SOLARA Cell Protector for Semi-flexible Solar Panels Replacement module used on Solara panels providing 3 wire solar panel output to 2 wire DC output to solar charge controller.  Provides diode for bypass to increase panel performance during shading. Solara Cell Protector Information: Solara Cell Protector Manual ...

Solara S560M43
Price: $1,332.00-$1,580.00
Availability: Call for Availability
Solara Item #: SOSPOWER-M -

SOLARA Power M Series Marine Walk-On Panels with SunPower Cells offer highest performance with top quality. The attractive black and elegant marine walk-on panels are extremely flat shape with high stability. THESE PANELS INCLUDE AN EXTERNAL SOLAR PROTECTION BOX THAT MUST BE INSTALLED at the panel 3 flying leads. PANELS OVER 120W RATING ARE NOW SUBJECT TO FEDERAL IMPORT TARIFF OF 14.25% AND IS PARTIALLY REFLECTED IN THESE PRICES. Solara Power M Series Datasheet Information: Solara Power M...