Solara Solar PanelsSolara Solar Panels, components and complete photovoltaic systems are primarily being used in places where independence is most important: on RV’s and Caravans as well as on sailing yachts and boats. Cottages in remote geographical locations; in technological equipment; at sea, in traffic control and telecommunications systems, all are becoming independent with SOLARA.

Solara Solar Panels Installations:

  • Solara Solar Panels Installation
  • Solara Solar Panels Installation
  • Solara Solar Panels Installation
  • Solara Solar Panels with Victron Solar Controller

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Solara Cell Protector Solara Cell Protector
Retail: $34.55
Price: $27.00
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Solara Item #: SOS54350 -

SOLARA Cell Protector for Semi-flexible Solar Panels Replacement module used on Solara panels providing 3 wire solar panel output to 2 wire DC output to solar charge controller.  Provides diode for bypass to increase panel performance during shading. Solara Cell Protector Information: Solara Cell Protector Manual ...

Solara S320P41
Price: $345.00-$898.00
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Solara Item #: SOSTANDARD-M -

SOLARA Standard M Series Marine Walk-On Panels are extremely flat, walkable and semi bendable, designed with premium quality for professional use. SOLARA Standard M Series Features: Wafer thin, with aluminum or stainless steel backing panel Mount on decks, cabin tops, etc., and can be walked on Will bend slightly for mounting on gently curved surfaces Tough, rubber-like coating for maximum protection Slip resistant, non-clouding, self-cleaning textured finish 8' UV and ozone proof cable...

Solara S560M43
Price: $1,199.00-$1,617.00
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Solara Item #: SOSPOWER-M -

SOLARA Power M Series Marine Walk-On Panels with SunPower Cells offer highest performance with top quality. The attractive black and elegant marine walk-on panels are extremely flat shape with high stability.THESE PANELS INCLUDE AN EXTERNAL SOLAR PROTECTION BOX THAT MUST BE INSTALLED at the panel 3 flying leads. SOLARA Power M Series Features: Designed and built for the harsh marine environment Power M panels have genuine high-grade SunPower® monocrystalline cells(22.5% efficiency) giving the...