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Are you tired of having to daily recharge your battery bank up to 100% just to keep it happy? Finally a battery has come onto the market that does not require it to be brought back up to full charge without any loss in performance or life span.

These batteries are marine grade, sealed and maintenance free. Manufacturer estimates a 5 to 10 year life cycle. With a daily discharge of 50% the manufacturer projects 3600 cycles which give you just shy of 10 years of operational life.

The Firefly MicrocellTM Carbon Foam (MCF) batteries is the technology behind this extraordinary performance. It easily recovers from being stored in a partially discharge state and they are manufactured in the USA.

Currently available only in a group 31 size.

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Flrefly Group 31 Battery
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Flrefly Oasis 12V G31 Battery Firefly’s award-winning, patented technology is an innovative material science that removes almost all limitations of current lead-acid battery products. Firefly discovered that much of the lead in the grid structure of conventional batteries can be replaced with a totally new type of grid material, carbon foam. Click here to watch the video by pacificNWboater.Highlights: Unparalleled Resistance to Sulfation – Sulfation is what usually kills AGM batteries. The...

MCF Batteries offer 2-3 times the life and lower life cycle cost compared to current Deep Cycle Lead Acid batteries. It is compatible with legacy battery management systems and can be recycled within the existing infrastructure.

Firefly’s “Oasis” GROUP 31 Battery offers equal or superior performance compared to new and emerging battery technologies such as Li-Ion, Lead Carbon and Ultracap batteries at a fraction of the cost.

MCF Lead Acid battery uses the same underlying chemistry as the well proven Lead Acid Battery chemistry, which has over 160 years of well understood performance in the field, while overcoming its limitations.