Diversion load charge controllers are typically used with solar PV panels, wind generators and Hydro generator renewable energy products. They monitor the battery preventing it from overcharging by adding an additional load to the battery electronically. They require an external load, typically a resistive load bank, which dissipates the excess energy in the form of heat. Optional heating coils are available that can be installed in hot water heaters to dump the excess energy into the tank thereby heating the water.

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TriStar-TSM Meter
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Morningstar Item #: CCM34580 -

Model Number TS-M The meter will display a great deal of information about the TriStar controller and the operation of your system. In addition, the meter enables manual functions and controller diagnostics. These capabilities will increase your confidence that the system is working properly and will help you to improve system reliability, battery life, and system performance. It is worth the time getting to know your meter!

Xantrex CMR/50  C35,C40,C60 Remote Display
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Price: $93.00
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Xantrex Item #: CCX33850 -

Designed for use with C Series Charge Controllers ( C35,C40 and C 60), digital meter mounts in the front of a charge controller, or as a remote, it can be installed up to 100’away. It displays volts, amps, and resettable cumulative amp hours for a solar array, DC loads, or diversion loads, depending on application. The CM/R50 comes with 50’ (15 m) for remote installation.  Xantrex P/N 33703