AIR Wind Generators by Primus Windpower operate very quiet and are extremely reliable for offshore rigs, mining, railroad, SCADA, security, cathodic protection, telecom and oil & gas industryto name a few.
AIR Wind Generators By Primus Windpower

AIR Small Wind Turbines integrated controls inside the turbine regulate battery voltage and it is wired directly to battery bank, independent of PV controller and wiring.

The Air Wind Generators can be enhanced by installing the Blue Blades, that have proven to boost energy production, especially in the lower wind speeds, and reducing noise generated at higher wind speeds.

Its installation simplicity, integrated electronics, resistance and performance in harsh conditions are just a few of the reasons why the AIR Wind Generators are perfect for Offshore, Oil & Gas, Mining, Railroad and Telecom applications.

eMarine Systems is a trusted and authorized factory repair center of AIR Wind Generators. Should you need turbine replacement parts or assistance with your existing AIR Wind Generator, please feel free to contact us for technical assistance, parts or service.