Air 40

Land Wind Turbine

  • Advanced microprocessor technology for superior performance and high wind protection without mechanical braking.
  • Blades designed for quieter operation, durability and optimum energy capture in most wind speeds.
  • Lightweight design is simple and easy-to-install; integrated controller for plug-and-play operation 
  • Easily pair with solar PV for a complete HYBRID ENERGY SOLUTION and energy production year-round
  • Produces 40 kWh of energy per month generating energy in a wide range of wind speeds  

The AIR 40 land wind turbine is the premier micro-wind turbine for land-based applications. It operates efficiently across a wide-range of wind speeds, providing energy for telecom, water pumping, lighting, SCADA, off-grid homes, or other low energy demand battery charging applications. The AIR 40 is ideal for pairing with solar in a HYBRID ENERGY SOLUTION to offset seasonal variation, delivering more consistent energy.

Built and backed by the worldwide leader in small wind, Primus Windpower, the AIR 40 stands up to the test as a world-class consumer energy solution.

Pictured: An Air 40 land wind turbine, prepared in a remote, hybrid power setup featuring dual wind and solar generation.

Air 40 Wind Turbine Information:

Air 40 Spec Sheet


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AIR 40: Quiet, reliable off-grid energy AIR 40 is the best choice to provide energy for off-grid homes, water pumping, lighting, telecom and anywhere you need electricity and have wind. AIR 40’s optimized electronic controls deliver energy quietly and efficiently. Extensive third party testing and certificaiton shows more consistent output than the competition. AIR 40 is part of the latest generation of AIR products—the world’s best-selling wind turbines—with more than 135,000 units sold in...